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My name is Kyle and I am 29 years old and I have never had a girlfriend in my life. (Till now ;) ) Women never ever looked at me. They always avoided conversations with me. And I was considering myself as a nice guy! And the same was with my co-workers. They just did not respect me. I was a bug in their lives.
And all those years, I was thinking why is this happening to me. Why won't they talk to me. Why are my co-workers not respecting me like they should?

I was doing pretty good in my job and was actually very successful. There was just this one problem. The lack of respect by others.
So I was figuring this out every day and every night. Why don't they talk with me like I am a normal and attractive man.

And after a while, I searched online and found this ebook which taught me how to be a man.

It taught my how to build myself and what are my life plans.
How to build my character and how to act when with other people.

And you won't believe it. It worked!
It is a really great book taught me all about all the things I need to know about my masculinity life :)
The girls started to talk with me. By themselves. They just came by and said a couple of words. Impressive.
What can you achieve with just a few changes :)

And yes, my co-workers also started to respect me. Don't know if this is because the women were talking with me or not. When I gave them an idea, they didn't just skipped it. They actually listened to me and started a discussion about it. And it already happened that we took my idea for the final solution.

What I like the most in How to be a Man

Do what you really want to Do.
Just do what you really want to do and don't worry about anything else. Let it all go and just freely start following your bliss and living the life that you really want to live without fear and without looking back or even looking to the side.

When you live this way and do what you really want to do at all times, everything else will just start dropping around you and you will open up the floodgates to bringing in more of what you really want to have in your life.

This is just great :) I love this ebook. When I have like five minutes of spare time, I just go and read a few words from it. It reminds me what to do and what to think. And with this method, I can easily remember the main parts of the book ;)
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"The difference between a warrior and an ordinary man is that a warrior sees everything as a challenge, while an ordinary man sees everything as either a blessing or a curse."-Carlos Castaneda

This is a review for the product of "How to be a Man" by Broderick Boyd from page MasculinityUniversity.

Have a great time and change your lives!